Awakening Through Food ("ATF")

Are you ready To awaken to the limitless power that lives inside of You?  To live consciously? To let go of relying on external power and authority? to put down your addiction to people, food and behaviors? are you ready to live a life full of Health, wealth, energy, passion, vibrancy and joy? 

"Gail's coaching is very different than anything I have experienced before.  The core training she did with me was emotional mastery - teaching me to feel the full range of my emotions while having complete mastery over my actions.  Gail also supported me in getting in touch with my "why," which was the catalyst to my healing journey.  Her vast knowledge in the different dietary theories helped me demistify the confusion I faced on what to eat on a daily basis.  Gail taught me to listen to my body and that no particular food was right or wrong for me.  It depended on the season, how I was feeling, my activity level and a host of other factors.  I now feel safe, comfortable and free in body to do the things I love!  I highly recommend working with Gail.  She transformed my relationship with food, my body and myself and I know she can do the same for you!"
              --Debra V.  

"Most cleanses you attend are more about consuming or not consuming various foods i.e.  a juice cleanse.  This was much different than that. I learned about cleansing at the deeper levels of the mind, body and soul. I would highly recommend the next cleanse that Gail offers. Regardless of whether you have or do not have any issues (honestly though, we all have them), as we can all gain from hearing others perspectives outside of our own "mind chatter," that may be one-sided, and benefit from impartial and "fresh" insights that can propel you forward to live a more fulfilling life that is full of all of life's bounty and blessings."
               --Sarah H.

"I struggled with food and financial deprivation my entire life and honestly did not believe that anyone could help me. I literally tried everything out there and had no hope when I began working with Gail.  She helped me see things from a completely different perspective and made the impossible suddenly seem possible.  I now look forward to my kale smoothies and no longer stress about money.  I am choosing to focus on all the bounty in my life and to trust that as I take care of me, G-d will do the rest."
                 --Ella C


"​I participated in Gail’s group cleanse. It is without doubt that Gail has vast knowledge about the subjects she covered. The examples she used to explain different topics were clear, concise, and relevant. I found her to be compassionate and insightful when coaching. I also appreciated the great courage she showed by being vulnerable and sharing examples from her own life.  Gail is a true leader and very wise. She provided us with a full session without shorting us on time.  It shows great respect to the participants.  I love that...

As a result, today I chose to walk for 1/2 an hour and to do some yoga.  I also passed up on eating unhealthy snacks and ate fruit instead."
                --Nancy D.

"Gail started out as my nutritional coach. She taught me how food is directly related to my negative emotions and to my inability to discipline myself. Learning about specific trigger foods and the corresponding emotions has allowed me the ability to emotionally balance myself.

Her understanding of spirituality and respect for my religion allowed me to be open and honest and contributed tremendously to my growth.

Gail’s coaching allowed me to move further on my life journey and to transform my life. I am strong, confident and beautiful and I am taking steps to improve my life with her expert guidance."
                --Esther M.​

"I was introduced to Gail Wisner, Esq. right after I had courageously left a difficult twenty-three year marriage and was beginning Law School. Gail’s wisdom, guidance, and unwavering support through my law school experience helped me pull through an extremely challenging time in my life. Her practical suggestions, coupled with her strong moral fiber, led me to make wonderful empowering choices. It is through the coaching process that I got to know Gail, not only as a coach, but as an outstanding human being with unlimited potential.

I can attest that Gail is a fabulous top notch coach that will get you outstanding results for any challenge. She is a quality person who takes pride in her work and maintains absolute professionalism at all times.  Gail has innate leadership qualities, and is a person that values others, and brings out the very best in people, parts that we didn't know existed."

                               -- Nechama M., Esq.

"Gail Wisner is a master coach! Her expertise and guidance came at the most opportune time. She helped me identify my limiting beliefs and inspired me to move forward in my life in ways I didn't think were possible. Her patience, dedication and sheer determination to get me to the next level helped me believe in myself. It's awesome to have someone who is on my side, cares deeply, and sincerely wants to help! She is definitely one to follow up and keep me accountable with goals and progress. She moves me to inspired action on a daily basis and I cannot imagine being where I am today without her.  I love having her as part of my support team in creating the best life I can possible have.  Working with Gail is an honor, privilege and sheer joy." 

                                -- Regina A.