Awakening Through Food ("ATF")

Are you ready To awaken to the limitless power that lives inside of You?  To live consciously? To let go of relying on external power and authority? to put down your addiction to people, food and behaviors? are you ready to live a life full of Health, wealth, energy, passion, vibrancy and joy? 


Based on years of extensive research, both scientific and anecdotal, my team carefully and selectively recommends specific products that we believe are the best products the market has to offer.  This does not mean that we guarantee the products will work as well for you as they have for us and our clients.  Nevertheless, since we get asked regularly to recommend products, we have added this page as a service to the visitors of our site.  There are various products under the products tab.  Additionally, if you have a product you would like us to research for you, we'd be happy to do that.  We also have a list of many other excellent products not listed on the site, so please email us if you want a specific recommendation.