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An Ancient Medicinal Secret… In your morning tea.

Turmeric Tea has been used as a natural health remedy by the Ryuku Dynasty since 1429. Now you can take care of your body with a refreshing cup of this beloved ancient tea every single day. Enagic® has maintained the purity of this time-honored herb, keeping turmeric in its most natural state possible. Ukon® tea contains no preservatives, artificial colors, or additive substances.

Preparing Ukon® Tea:

Steep 1 Ukon® tea bag in boiling Kangen Water® for optimal flavor and health benefits.

Stir tea bag until desired strength and taste is reached.

Enjoy hot or cold.

​​Kangen Ukon® Tea

100% Organic Kangen Ukon® Tea

Enjoy your daily Ukon® with a delicious cup of tea! Kangen Ukon® Tea is made with 100% organic curcumin (the most active component of wild turmeric), and is cultivated in the rich soil of northern Yanburu, Okinawa. Perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of Kangen Ukon™ without taking the pills.