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Stress reaks havoc on our bodies, creating disease, depression and under performance in the workplace.  I fully understand how easily stress can creep into our lives.  Having worked as a litigator, and being the right hand to the Managing Director of the world's largest real estate services firm, I fully understand how easily stress can infiltrate and take over our lives and our health.  Let us help you create a custom tailored approach to stress reduction that takes into account your unique life circumstances and Type A personality. Together, we can create a life fused with meaning, productivity and time to nurture yourself without compromising on your responsibilities and your relationships. 

We offer holistic mediation services to resolve conflicts amicably with minimum expense and lightening speed. We service workplace disputes, divorces, inter-familial conflicts, or any legal matters where both parties are willing to bypass the court system. 

We provide personalized coaching to assist in overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles and creating custom strategies and solutions to help you achieve the next level of success with grace and ease, allowing you to create an extraordinary life for yourself, your business and your family. 

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We offer a variety of different cleanses  tailored specifically to your body, mind, spirit and lifestyle. Cleansing will remove all the waste that has been keeping you back from feeling vibrant, energized and alive, providing you with the fuel to break through the barriers in your life.