Are you ready To awaken to the limitless power that lives inside of You?  To live consciously? To let go of relying on external power and authority? to put down your addiction to people, food and behaviors? are you ready to live a life full of Health, wealth, energy, passion, vibrancy and joy? 

Finding Your MTP

Have you ever felt, deep in your bones, like there is more to life than what you're living?  Have you struggled with how to find what that more looks like?  Are you at a loss for even where to begin?  Are lack of finances and other people's approvals getting in the way of perfect clarity?  The key to finding your bliss is to pinpoint your Massively Transformative Purpose "MTP."  As someone who has spent years and thousands of dollars soul searching for my unique purpose here on earth, I can help you short circuit the lengthy process I had to go through so that you can find your passion and purpose with lightning speed.  You can then immediately start creating a life filled with meaning, joy and abundance. 

I have helped many people find their MTP.  I do this by helping you clean out everything that is in the way of you seeing the truth that is usually right before your very eyes.  I will create a sacred space for you to discover your essence and how to express that essence in a career that is prosperous, joyful, meaningful and abundant.  When you get in touch with your unique why, you will become unstoppable.  Both you and your business will enter into a state of flow.  

Your true nature is connection and joy. If you feel off-track, or like you've forgotten how to be happy, or you feel burdened by emotions that you wish you didn't have, there is a way to get your freedom back.  Once your vibrational field is operating at a higher frequency, you'll easily be able to raise the money you need for your project, take your spouse on that trip you've been dreaming of, or walk through the world making new friends easily.

You have an inner calling.  It's your life's purpose. Something deep within you is nudging you to uncover its nature and then live it to your greatest potential. My deep-dive, high-flame coaching will create a container for you to reveal what this still small voice has been trying to convey to you, allowing you to live authentically each and every day.  You are capable of embodying all that you desire in life.  

Some possibilities that may be holding you back are your erroneous belief systems about what is possible for you, associating with people that have a scarcity mindset, or lack of qualified support.  Coaching will help you work through these blocks.  You will wake up to your potential and tap into the unlimited resources inside of you.  You will experience what it means to live a life filled with meaning and purpose and redefine success according to your own terms.  

You will wake up each day filled with joy and enthusiasm for life.  You will have incredible insights about yourself and synchronistic events will begin to occur daily.  You will develop self-love and self-trust and begin to create deep meaningful and harmonious relationships, first with yourself and then with others.  You will learn how to keep the parts of you that are wholesome.  You will build on those parts and make them ever stronger, while releasing the old outdated version of yourself that no longer serves your evolution.  Are you ready for a total transformation?  Are you ready to live a life beyond your wildest imagination?  If it's nothing short of a clear yes, then let's talk!

Awakening Through Food ("ATF")