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Conflict Resolution

Conflicts can be difficult to manage when parties are emotionally involved and have a lot riding on the relationship.  Conflicts severely hinder productivity both personally and professionally.  Using my experience as an Attorney and mediator, I offer mediation for any type of conflict, including the ones within ourselves.  We begin by finding the shared vision or common goals.  Once that is clear, I will help you break down the barriers to a peaceful resolution, creating new possibilities that allow all parties to thrive.  Using my experience as a litigator, I help the individuals focus on the undeniable facts, while simultaneously providing parties an opportunity to express their feelings and concerns, allowing them full expression and validation.  Using a holistic approach, all parties walk away feeling like they matter and that the proposed solutions were fair and impartial.  In most cases, adversaries leave the office as friends, having reached an amicable and fair resolution to their common goal.  This approach saves thousands of dollars on attorney's fees, lost productivity and most importantly, preserves or restores the relationship of the parties.  This is especially helpful in cases of divorce, so that children don't have to suffer needlessly.​