strategic coaching for lawyers, corporate professionals, & high achievers

we believe in a unique and customized coaching experience for each and every client.

our approach

We are dedicated to getting you the results that you know deep down are possible for you, allowing you to experience deep and sustainable transformation. Our approach entails creating a paradigm shift where we begin by relearning a new way of seeing and relating to the world and to ourselves, so that the impossible suddenly becomes easily attainable.  Some of the techniques we teach is emotional mastery, (without suppressing feelings), the ability to hyper focus and easily get things done with minimal procrastination or supervision and feeling sustained energy and momentum throughout the day.  We also teach stress management, self care practices, work-life balance and conflict resolution in professional and personal settings.  This can be done as one-to-one coaching, group settings or corporate workshops.  The sessions are done in person, phone, skype, or whatever combination works best for the client.

who we are

We are a niche company dedicated to helping individuals bridge the gap between where they are today and where they would like to be.  There is nothing more painful then experiencing the gap between where you are today and where you long to be.  Our areas of expertise include health & wellness, work-life balance, increasing productivity, sales and performance metrics, without experiencing burnout.

Gail Wisner, Esq.

Bridge the Gap Expert