Awakening Through Food ("ATF")

Are you ready To awaken to the limitless power that lives inside of You?  To live consciously? To let go of relying on external power and authority? to put down your addiction to people, food and behaviors? are you ready to live a life full of Health, wealth, energy, passion, vibrancy and joy? 

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one to one Coaching

Have you been carrying undue stress because you thought you were ‘supposed’ to be a certain kind of person?  What if you were to discover that you are most powerful when you operate exactly as you are naturally wired?

Would you like to learn how to embrace your gifts and to free yourself to be exactly who you were created to be?  To release the need to make others comfortable, even when that includes dimming your light? 

Would you like to live stress free and be care free?  Would you like to bring those child-like qualities back into your life, while still trusting that you will continue to do a stellar job holding down the fort?

Stress reeks havoc on our bodies, creating disease, depression, and under performance in the workplace.  I fully understand how easily stress can creep into our lives.  Having worked as a litigator, and being the right hand to the Senior Managing Director of the world's largest real estate services firm, I fully understand how easily stress can infiltrate and take over our lives and our health.  I am a  master at creating a custom tailored approach to stress reduction.  I  take into account your unique life circumstances and personality type so that we work within the confines of your life. Together, we can create a life permeating with deep meaning, purpose, and productivity, while creating space for you to nurture yourself without compromising on your health, responsibilities and relationships. 

​I can also create custom tailored workshops for your employees, so that they can get more done in less time and have a much better attitude about their employment.

3 phenomenal lectures or workshops to choose from that I can bring to your business, temple, church or other group.  Lectures include Q & A at the end, and workshops are interactive with group exercises and coaching. ​

1) From Addiction to Awakening: Turning Addictions into Fuel for Awakening to the Real You.  Includes my 7 Step Formula on how to Awaken from any Addiction.

2) Effortless Weight Loss: How to achieve permanent weight loss that is effortless, fun and way more nourishing than food ever was.

3) Healing Digestive Disorders: The Role our Emotions have on Digestion.

Our deepest desires lie just beyond our comfort zones.  My genius lies in my ability to identify your genius and teach you how to monetize on that genius so that work becomes play.  I will invite you to lean into your edge and get more emotionally uncomfortable than you've ever gotten before.  You will do what scares you most.  And then it won't scare you anymore!!!  And, I will create a safe and sacred container so that you can grow and flourish to unimaginable heights, while thoroughly enjoying every moment of the process.  This coaching is for those that are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.  For those that refuse to allow fear to dictate the choices in their lives since it is our decisions, rather than our circumstances or stories, that dictate who we become.  You will learn to make bold and powerful decisions and to feel at the top of your game as a a result.  It will seem impossible and terrifying at first.  However, by changing what you eat - - the food you consume, the information and beliefs you ingest, the energy of the people around you, etc..., your new key decisions will become exhilarating and well within your reach. 

Together, we will create a road map for you with step by step actions and clear deadlines.  You will learn the mindset and heartset required for you to play full out, until they become brain tattoos, and eventually become you. 

You will learn to take extreme ownership for everything in your experience.  You will start to live the change you want to see and to be the source of what it is you are seeking.  

Highly creative people, like yourself, suffer from deep loneliness.  It's not easy to live in a world of conformists, people afraid to break the Brules (bullshit rules).  This is why support with someone who gets you is crucial to sustain momentum. In addition, I create networking opportunities for my previous and existing clients to collaborate with others who share a similar vision AND are playing full out. So you never know who you will meet when working with me!    I hand select the people I know can be game changers for your business, whether it be referrals, marketing opportunities, funding capital or possibly your next partner!  This service is priceless, and on its own, exceeds the value of your investment. 

I only choose to work with clients who are ready to give it their all and are willing to perform at the top of their game, every single day!  Your days are your life in miniature.  So are you ready to live a legendary life?  If the answer is a resounding YES, then let's talk.

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If your body is not in optimal shape, it will be impossible for you to achieve optimal performance. Cleansing will remove all the debris that has been holding you back from feeling vibrant, energized and alive.  You will finally have the necessary fuel to break through the barriers in your life with grace and ease. 

Your creativity and performance will skyrocket, when there are no toxins standing in the way. There is no time to waste holding on to processed food, simply because it's easy and familiar.  I will teach  you how to make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar, familiar.  Living a legendary life is not for the faint of heart, but it is so worth the effort! Change is hard in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautifuI in the end.   

You are what you eat, think and believe. If you want to feel at the top of your game, full of raw creativity and energy, then you'll want to eat a whole foods diet, as close to the way nature intended food to be eaten.  It's equally important to only entertain thoughts of faith, hope, and love, with love being the most important.  If you want to achieve the results that only 2% of the population has achieved, then you must be willing to do what 98% of the population is not doing. 

I believe there are no accidents or coincidences in this world.  If you are reading this, then the universe has brought us together for a divine purpose.  I want to serve your highest evolution.  I want to help you awaken to the incredible light that you are!  I want to help you achieve all the dreams that are waiting to be materialized, all while having incredible fun and laughter in the process!

I have been trained in a variety of different detox programs and ways of eating.  I live a raw vegan living food lifestyle.  When we eat food that is alive, it creates more life within us.  Unfortunately, the reverse is also true. 

I offer a custom tailored cleanse or way of eating that will suit your bodies unique needs while taken into account your emotional make-up as it relates to food.  My motto is slowly, but relentlessly so that we never put the body or mind into shock by making drastic changes.  This is a process and my clients are in this for the long haul.   

The world needs YOU and the products and/or services you have to offer!  I promise to make this process simple, fun & sustainable (but truthfully not always easy :)